Description & Overview of this Course: The 24-Point Checklist of the WFH Parent

You don't have much time for another online course.  Trust me, I get it. 

However, have you thought about your Promises to your Job, your Family, to Yourself and Community? 

Why is this important?  

Right now, more than ever in history, it is of the essence to use your time effectively and carefully, while keeping promises to every aspect of life, while you WFH.  

Lesson Activity

What is the 24-Point Checklist?  

We begin with our Job, and points such as the location and set-up of your workspace in the home.  

How does yours look?  Does it help you do the job?  

Next, we move into Family, and the daily Promises they expect from us, even while we work in their midst.  

From there, we consider ourselves, and the person we break promises to the most: Yourself.  

What are the Promises you have made on a daily basis to be the best you can be?  

Finally, The Community, both online and actual, and your consideration of both your messaging online as well as those among you who need your service now more than ever.  

What are your Promises in each category of Job, Family, Self, and Community? 

We will discuss all, with ideas and tools to succeed, in this course. 

2 Lessons

Why Should I Take This Course?

You're stuck at home with your kids and trying to work as effectively as possible...and it's not working out too well. 

Now what? 

Jason's 24-Point Checklist will change your WFH life.

Lessons for this module 2
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