The Promise of the WFH (Work From Home) Parent During COVID-19 & Coronavirus Quarantine

In May of 2020, the world jumped into working from home, which was extremely intimidating. Not just because it was something new to learn, but because the time & effort associated with the learning experience likely was overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be!  

None of us want to spend endless hours or days pulling out our hair as we try and put the pieces of the complete puzzle together ourselves. 

This training is the perfect opportunity for you if you want to zone in on exactly what you need to know right now to get up and running while working from home with your kids buzzing around you! 

Forget about the 'fluff'.
That's not needed right now. 

Right now, you need to know how to navigate working from home and managing your kids' expectations as well. 

And that's the exact intention of this training.
We strip away the fluff and focus solely on the 'need-to-know'. 

You can learn the fancy, entertaining & extra bits later.
They will only derail you and you don't have time or mental bandwidth for that right now. 

You need actionable, easy-to-follow steps that will support you in getting your work done in as little time as possible. 

In less than 90mins, this crash course will teach you exactly what you need to know in clear detail so you can get organized TODAY...  because truth be told, we both know that you don't have all weekend to sit in front of your computer! 

Sounds perfect, right? That's because it is!
There's no need to spend any more time debating with yourself.

If you've read this far, trust me...this IS the right fit for you!


6 Modules

Why Should I Take This Course?

You're stuck at home with your kids and trying to work as effectively as possible...and it's not working out too well. 

Now what? 

Jason's 24-Point Checklist will change your WFH life.

Welcome & Goals vs. Promises ICM Process

Welcome to the course, thank you for joining us!  

We will jump right into the concept of Goals vs. Promises, distinguishing between them, while discovering the ICM Process that very well can change your life!  

Thank you for being here.  

CATEGORY 1: The Promise to Your Job

You made a Promise to your Job and Career the second you accepted the offer to work there.  

Now that you are in WFH mode, how does that change?  

In reality, you have even greater Promises to keep as the challenge of executing your Job just became that much more difficult!  

But, if anyone can do it, you can. 

CATEGORY 2: The Promise to Your Family

You made a Promise to your Family when you created it - that you would Be Present and Keep The Promise to be all-in as a parent!  

Now that you are in WFH mode, how does that change?  

It is amplified now that you are home and together 24/7. 

This very well may be the greatest time in the history of your Family and memory!   

The Promise to Your Family is one of my favorite lessons to teach, having been a WFH Parent all 15 years of my children's lives.  I know you'll love it to, and I'm excited for this lesson to shift your relationships into a higher gear through The Promise! 

CATEGORY 3: The Promise to Self

You make a Promise to your Job and Career, you keep Promises all the time to Your Family, but who is always left over that you don't have time for? 


The Promise To The One is the Promise you make to YOU! 

Now that you are in WFH mode, how does that change?  

In all likelihood, it's the first one to be dropped. 

And nothing can make life more unpleasant. 

What are the Promises you must make to Yourself to have a better life and WFH experience?  

Make those Promises today and your personal fulfillment will be greater than ever before in your life, and will equally manifest in the quality of your efforts at Work and Home with the Family! 

CATEGORY 4: The Promise to Your Community (Actual & Online)

You have now graduated from 3 Categories:

Promise to your Job and Career

Promise to Your Family

Promise to Self

Now what can you do with The World? 

Your World is Your Community, both the Actual Community where you live, as well as the ONline Community you serve in the way only you can with your unique Signature Moves.  

Now that you are in WFH mode, how does that change?  

Well, first off, you can't go hugging the neighbors as much anymore until we get through the social distancing and everyone is safe! 

But we can still do plenty to be of help.  

Online is even more of an option, now with technology advances, it is mind-blowing the influence you can have while you WFH.  

The question is: What is Your Promise to your Community? 

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