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Speaker Training: How to Make a Career From the Stage

Jason Hewlett, one of the most successful Speakers and Performers in the world, will teach you the processes to make your career happen for you!


The Promise of the WFH (Work From Home) Parent During COVID-19 & Coronavirus Quarantine

Have you ever had to WFH (Work From Home)? 

Add on top of that children and parenting, along with a pandemic, and it is a recipe for disaster. 

Join Jason Hewlett, happily married to Tami for 20 years, 4 amazing children over 15 years, Hall of Fame Speaker, who has worked from home his entire 20-year career, while still being a fully present Dad, as he takes you through the ICM Process - 

Identify * Clarify * Magnify

- for establishing your daily Goals vs. Promises in 4 Categories:





...in order to be the most effective person possible during this time of quarantine. 

Working From Home can be one of the most fulfilling opportunities of your life, let Jason show you that's true! 

The Mindset - How to Make a Career From the Stage

Making a career from the stage can be rewarding and amazing, and it can be lonely and challenging. Mindset is everything, and these 5 lessons will help you determine if it is right for you! 

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